Ransomware Can Be Life-Threatening

Another hospital's services impacted.
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital ransomware

On Friday, February 3, 2023, another hospital, this time in Tennessee, was impacted by ransomware so severely that their entire IT infrastructure collapsed and patients had to be diverted. Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare is not the first, nor the last, to contend with such major impact to the life-saving services being offered.


Good cyber teams do not want to become ‘ambulance chasers’ or fear mongers to use events such as these in sales pitches. Nevertheless, awareness is essential to prevention so our hope is that by helping to disseminate awareness of these events we can help other organizations prepare for the potentially life-threatening impact of these attacks.


We at Tuearis Cyber work with hospitals and medical care providers to assist with their cyber programs in both one time and on-going support roles. We are a purpose focused team, knowing that our work is more than business; it is about people. If your organization needs cyber guidance or an objective security assessment to see where you stand, we can help.


But whether it’s our team or another quality cyber firm, we implore all executive leaders of these essential organizations to seek outside review by professionals you trust. Do not confuse general IT with cybersecurity. They overlap but are not the same.