Threat and Vulnerability Management

Know where you're vulnerable before your attackers do.

Real Time Vulnerability Awareness​

Threat Remediation​

OS and Third Party Software Remediation​

Customized Patch Scheduling

What is Threat and Vulnerability Management?

Unpatched vulnerabilities on systems inside your network present opportunities for attackers to exploit. A mature cybersecurity program must include a Threat and Vulnerability Management Program in order to gain awareness of the vulnerabilities that exist and to plot a course for remediation before they are exploited, but the tools, skills, and time to accomplish these necessities are often out of reach for IT teams.

Tuearis’ TVM Program ensures that your vulnerabilities are identified and remediated in a timely manner.

Real Time Vulnerability Awareness


There’s no need to wait for some quarterly vulnerability scan to find out what threats are present in the environment. Tuearis’ Managed TVM Program provides real-time awareness into the vulnerabilities. 

Threat Remediation

Vulnerability scanning alone reveals threats, but our TVM program goes much further by remediating those threats. Your IT team will be more able to focus on break fix, strategic planning, and other important functions without patch remediation bogging them down. 

OS and Third Party Software Remediation

Some TVM services stop with the patching of Operating Systems alone. Not Tuearis. We search for and remediate vulnerabilities on Operating Systems and the third party software programs on all of your systems. Complete awareness and complete remediation set us apart!

OS and third party app remediation
Custom patching schedules

Customized Patch Scheduling

Do you operate across multiple time zones? Do you have employees working after hours? What happens if a critical vulnerability is discovered between patch windows? 

Tuearis’ TVM Program provides customized patch scheduling to help resolve the complicated business issues you face. And, yes, we can coordinate with your team to push critical remediations when necessary.


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